The Mission

Founded in 2013, The Higher-Ups University was created ​to instill the importance of creativity and individuality. We come together for the purpose of creating something new and familiar. We strive to put forth our best effort into the products that we make. The appreciation for art has deteriorated within our culture. Our mission is to bring forth the self-expression that has been missing.

We started out as a rap group, but realized that we are more than rap. We are hip-hop. We are artist. We are professionals. Within who we are, we began designing T-shirts to start our own company. We do graphic design of all types to include, but not limited to, logos, flyers, album covers, book design and website design. We have since branched out into photography, videography, book publishing assistance and editing. We will soon begin our culinary branch.


We realize that this mission is bigger than any one person. For that, we join forces in order to complete this goal. The Higher-Ups University is expanding day by day and openly invites new members to experience The High Life.


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