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Bring It Back

K.W. The Artisan x Cairo Starr (Astroknox)

Produced x Cairo Starr

The ninth single from The High Life.

This was part of a 40-minute freestyle session along with Old School Player. It's pretty cool. I made the cover usin a combination of all of the skills I used before. I ended it up usin this in an art show I was in durin my last year of college. People loved it. One person even asked for my autograph. I gave this to Deak for his birthday one year and it's still hangin up on his wall in his room.


Verse One

K.W. The Artisan

Gettin ready. Gettin fresh to go out.

See my bros. What these hoes talkin bout?

Hop up in my whip. Smoke some weed.

Then, I call my boys. Said I'll be there around three

so make sure you're ready

cuz these hoes gon' be fresh and they smellin clean.

I call my other boy like wussup?

You know what I'm tryna do. I'm tryna get some butt.

So we scoop him. We all go to the spot.

They like hey, what's up with these broad's box?

Aye, you know what it is.

These girls said "aye, these are my kids."

I said "bitch, what? Where we at?"

We at a daycare fuckin with these kid's backpacks.

School raps.

I'm like no, bitch. I'm tryna get yo ass.

Hook (4x)

I want a rim shot. Aye, Can you dig it?

Rim shot. Aye Come on.

Verse Two

Cairo Starr

Another monday night out on the town

and I'm goin so ham drinkin Crown Royal.

It's dark. Mix it with the Coke.

Find a cute shorty that I'd like to poke

and when I see her, I'ma grab her like this.

Bring it right back and give her a little kiss

on the lips. That's right in the mouth.

I'ma get it all and spread it like word of mouth

and I'm just a lil nigga from the south.

Down south Cacalac, Fayettenam.

That's right. It's The Ville

and you know the deal.

I'm flowin so real

and I'm just lookin for a shorty

that will get to know me

so come and find me on your radar.

Come and find me on your radar.

(Radar noises)


Verse Three

Deak the Digger

I ain't from North Carolina

but I'ma show you how to do it right now.

Comin on this mic. I think I'm doin good.

I really do it. I don't know how I do it. I just do it

like Kirko Bangz.

No, I mean Marco Banks.

I don't know who that really is

but I'ma just do it like a kid

cuz I'm only 15. Know how to dream

like Martin Luther King.

He said he once had a dream

that black and white could be equal

so don't come over tryna get a sequel.

I will not give to you. Pack it up. Throw it out.

Bring it back.

Bring it back.

I saw this night cutie.

She was a stoogie.

Don't know what a stoogie is so I'ma...

K.W. The Artisan

Picked up little stoogie. Said what's up hoe?

I hit the mic stand. It didn't hit the floor

but I say "girl, what's up with you?"

She said "I'm just tryna finish my school."

I said school what? Girl you a fool.

I don't go to school cuz I don't follow rules

Sike, I'm just playin. I got a full scholarship

and I'm smarter than you niggas on my Q-Tip.

Tribe Called Quest

and we be the best

but we just niggas sittin in my grandma's livin room.

It's the den. I thought I had y'all fooled

but I lied. I'm sorry for that

but I don't give a fuck and bring it right back.

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