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Bump That

Cairo Starr (Astroknox) x K.W. The Artisan x Deak The Digger

Produced x Cairo Starr

The sixth single from The High Life.

I dropped this on New Year's Day 2014. The song is about leavin everything negative in the past. The song and the cover was made at my grandma's house. We had a photoshoot for the cover. I wanted these small versions of us to represent the adlibs in our verses. The speakers and words match our outfits respectively.


Verse One

Cairo Starr

Bump this one so loud that your speakers explode

and yea we bumpin to the beat. This ain't your shit? Well you a liar. I know.

Bump these crab mentality niggas.

When you ain't got shit, they gone.

You get on, they want somethin. Now, they back in your phone.

New year comin. Leave them negatives alone

so if a nigga come wrong, I ain't home.

Bump that. Leave your name and your number at the tone.

Ya dig. Forreal though.

Astro cool like the other side of the pillow.

Great vibes. Good tree. I'm down to chill yo.

No chill til I make 100 mil though.

I'm talkin zero-zero-zero.

Typical nigga. At least I'm honest.

A southern flow so real. Give me credit. I'm bein modest.

I'm makin fire beats and spittin lyrical flame

so when they ask who in the game be the hottest, you know my name.

I do this for ya. Spit flow sick like pneumonia.

Higher-Ups takin over from The Ville to California.

Most definitely. Lyically

can't be surpassed. So eloquently.

Indefinitely pass your relevancy.

Bump a limit. I'm headed to my vision.

We gettin serious. Get with it or get missin.

Now that I got your attention,

let me make sure you listen.

Just turn the volume up. Complete the mission.

I'ma need for you to


Deak The Digger x K.W. The Artisan x Cairo Starr

Bump that.

Verse Two

K.W. The Artisan

Shit. Gotta work from 10-6.

I was supposed to be off. Ain't this about a bitch.

I'm just sayin that a nigga had plans.

Makin more music. Tryna make some more fans.

Vibin out at the house chillin with my fam,

not at work with these jerks cuttin up this ham.

I mean, gotdamn. I just need a lil time off.

Hey, I'm sorry. I ain't mean to piss off my boss

but I'm bout to go somewhere. Fina get lost.

Take a sack of green, some Queen's Dream and just draw.

It's a new year. New career. New things.

Same old crew. Same niggas. Same team.

Had to cut them snakes off. Let them fakes go

cuz when you followin your dreams, friends turn to foes

overnight and try to play like it's alright.

Gotta keep it movin. Ain't got time for parasites.

You can see the truth lookin through these pair of eyes.

Don't look too long. You might become paralyzed.

For every truth I tell, y'all seem to tell a pair of lies.

My style is so clean like it's been sterilized.

As soon as you take the time to stop and stare, realize

that you're a walkin contradiction tellin real lies.

My flow is so addictive. I keep em comin back.

This the day to put troubles away and say


Verse Three

Deak the Digger

Bump that as a matter of fact.

My words keep runnin. Better call it track.

I'ma hand off the words I'm dischargin.

Bump this and bump that. I'm hardly startin

but I'ma proceed to go.

The Higher-Ups sittin down and makin dough.

We ain't famous though so don't you sweat it.

We makin dope ass music and we don't regret it.

Higher-Ups bringin the old back.

Dope tracks. I hope you know that.

By the end of this whole rap,

we'll have y'all sayin bump that.

Bring it back. I'm the man on the mic.

They be sayin "damn, Deak. How you rap this tight?

Your flow is so dark so just rap all night."

Y'all think it's a dream.

Wake up. Open your eyes up so I can be seen.

Don't forget that I'm only 15.

D.T.D. comin up and I'm doin my thing.

No tellin what I'ma bring.

Better watch out and don't you scream

when I pull up on the scene.

I'm just so fresh and I'm way too clean.

Aye I just did my thing.

Deak The Digger. 2014



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