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Closed Eyes

K.W. The Artisan x Deak the Digger

Produced x Ben Billions

The first single from All Sons Club.

This was the first song recorded for All Sons Club. We did this on the premise that we wanted to show the world that we can remake songs better than the original. Also, I had just got a new microphone. We wrote the song the day the mic came in the mail and recorded it the next. I always enjoy doin the tag-team flow with Deak. We did it a few times on Paradise Phone Home, but this one is about smokin weed. The original (Lockjaw) is a reference about heavy molly use, which is cool if you're into that. We're not. Dizzy Wright has some of the lowest eyes I've seen so he made the cover. I wanted to rap on this beat the first time I heard it. Luckily, Deak was down to do it with me.



K.W. The Artisan

Niggas try to hit me up talkin 'bout they be smokin

Then they hit a nigga's weed. Now they ass out here chokin.

It be hard for me to care cuz my eyes keep closin

Deak the Digger

I ain't tryna see y'all cuz my eyes keep closin.

Low to the ground so I can see where I goin.

If you wanna hang with us, then you better keep rollin.

It be hard for me to care cuz my eyes keep closin.

K.W. The Artisan (3x)

It be hard for me to care cuz my eyes keep closin.

Deak the Digger (2x)

I smoke loud. I smoke loud.

Verse One

K.W. The Artisan

I smoke a nigga up.

I be up in the cut.

Police out here tryna front.

You know we don't give a fuck.

Got that drink in my cup.

You know a nigga feelin buzzed.

Just roll another blunt cuz I'm not high enough.

Deak the Digger

Not high enough? Well, try this.

Shit's so loud that it tingles up on your lips.

Make sure you hold it in cuz it's the bomb.

Eyes low, huh? Can you see me now?

K.W. The Artisan

So much smoke in the room lookin like a cloud.

You still fuckin with them grams. We cop by the pound.

You tryna blow it down?

Deak the Digger

Shit, I'm rollin now.

Pass me the lighter so I can seal it down.


Verse Two

K.W. The Artisan

I know you heard about the loud. Now you wanna hit it.

Got you talkin bout you stonin. Girl, you need to quit it.

You know that you ain't never smoked no good shit like this.

Don't try to match me with some reggie. Hoe, you ain't slick.

Deak the Digger

Wunda told you. Girl, you ain't slick.

Throwin reggie down so you better let me hit.

Higher-Ups, yea, real niggas in this bitch.

Passin blunts. Hittin bowls. Eyes low in this bitch

So high that time is movin kinda slow in this bitch.

I'm tryna move but my body won't even twitch.

Yea, coughed about 20 times.

Dabs had me fucked up. I was even cryin.

K.W. The Artisan

No lie.

These young niggas coughin up they lungs like they bout to die.

I'm chillin with my girl and I'm rubbin on her thigh.

She out here talkin bout a bitch never been this high.

Girl, a nigga faded. Can't you see it in my eyes?


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