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Come Over

K.W. The Artisan

Produced x Cairo Starr

The fifth single from Paradise Phone Home.

This is a song that happened in real life. My girlfriend was havin a really bad week. I was at a job that I was puttin a lot of effort in to and not gettin the compensation I felt like I deserved. I also noticed that there were no songs for the ladies on The High Life. I wanted to make something that everybody could relate to and everybody loves Aaliyah. I tried to make her look like a constellation in the stars. I got to use Bugs and Lola from the cover of Paradise Phone Home. I really liked that drawing I did and felt like it deserved a cover of its own. 


Verse One

She said "I'm stressed out.

I was supposed to leave hours ago but I'm just gettin off now.

I'm like wow.

Today was a crazy ass day. Let me tell you 'bout this one child.

Bad ass kid. Disrespectful as shit.

Had to flip that nigga shirt, put him on bench.

Man, fuck this shit. I don't even wanna talk about it.

That's how bad it went.

My car still fucked up.

Such good luck. All I can think of is now what?

When i wake up, I gotta go to work but it sucks

but the bills won't pay themselves so I need bucks.

I just might take the L like Golden State

but I'll be like Steph Curry: shoot it in their face.

My lil bro won't approve but he gotta wait

but that nigga know I need a break from this place.

I'm tired. I'm hungry. I hate to complain to ya.

I know it's a job but them hoes don't pay enough.

I mean I know that this was somebody's plan A, but

I need to get the fuck out before insanity comes

so I know I said at least a week

and I know you didn't believe in me.

I held out for awhile so that's pretty neat

but my knees hurt and I have swollen feet.

I just wanna lay up and smoke some weed,

get some Five Guys when we get the muchies.

Watch some Netflix before we go to sleep.

I know I sound needy, but please, Maleek!"

Hook (2x)


Can I

stop by

to see you


Can I

get with you?

I just wanna

be with you

Verse Two

I'm feelin stressed out.

My boss just got some work in. Let me go see what it's all about.

It don't pay enough so does it really matter?

It will in the long run and all that chatter

but fuck the long distance. Bitch, I'm tryin to sprint.

I need money quick to put it on the rent.

Man, I can't afford it. I'm broke as shit.

Got me thinkin bout sellin drugs again

but I'm tryna keep my nose clean out the streets.

Yea, I'm workin hard but I'm still smokin weed.

Somethin enemies try to use against me

but I can't see the bullshit. Call me Stevie.

Niggas wonder how I'm still survivin.

Everyday, become a better man. At least, I'm tryin

Niggas dyin everyday for these opportunities.

Hold on. Who's textin me?

I don't know why I asked. I played myself.

It's my girlfriend. Duh, nigga. Who else?

My phone stay like niggas elbows: dry as hell.

She just wanted to say hello like Adele.

She didn't have a good day. I can tell.

I can't explain it, man. It's something that I just felt.

I guess it's in my nature. It's my superpower.

I haven't heard a thing from my girl in some hours.

Knowin her, she probably went home and took a shower.

Then she told me 'bout her day and it made her sour.

Damn, seems like everyday is a mess.

With all these shots comin, need a bulletproof vest.

I'm up late night. I can't get no rest

hoping my muffinhead receives the best.

Looked at my phone. Damn, I got another text.

I took one glance and my girl said

Hook (2x)

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