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Good Morning

K.W. The Artisan x Cairo Starr (Astroknox)

Produced x Cairo Starr

The seventh single from The High Life.

Verse One

K.W. The Artisan

Wake up, everybody. No more sleepin in bed.

Bake up, everybody. Let it go to your head.

Aye, time to get up. Don't hit the snooze button.

Wastin all this time, you're bound to lose somethin.

I know you heard these words:

the early bird gets the worm

and every new day is a new chance to learn

and the bowl needs refillin when it starts to burn

and what we put up in the blunt ain't none of your concern

so I learned that I gotta do it my way

and I'm bout to touch the sky on this highway.

Everyday of the week feels like Friday.

Boys in the hoods of Cuba. Call us Ice Trey.

Even fans from Japan got like five plays.

It's kinda funny how I feel the sunshine sway

to put me in the perfect spot. Find the right shade.

Just call me Simon and do whatever I say.

I won't lead you astray and the 1st thing for today

is to put your stress away. Let the music play.

Aye feels good, don't it.

This the perfect way to get your day flowin.

This the perfect start to get the ball rollin.

This the perfect song to hit the bong stonin.

This the perfect rhyme to get your dime stolen.

The Higher-Ups comin up just to say good mornin.

Hook (2x)

Get up. Get up. Walking.

Sleeping. Go. Keep on moving.

K.W. The Artisan

Time to get up. Fuck all that talkin.

Yea, you feel that? I see you groovin.

Cairo Starr

Get out and get yours. Keep moving. There's no stopping.

Got a whole new day. No time to keep cruising.

Verse Two

Cairo Starr

I woke the same as everyday, sniffin for cheddar

cuz I was told that life without it will never get better.

I think it's all a trap. That's what I'm tryna tell ya.

Either I'm scared of life or I'm afraid of failure.

Chasin a goal that everybody wants, rat race.

Just another way to keep a nigga dead in his place

or more like gender

cuz the reason why I'm a winner is I'm that nigga.

I'm just tryna say everyday is like a gameboy.

You just tryna play it and they hit you with the same noise.

You're too slim, too fat.

You're too this, too that.

You can sing along or hit them with your own voice.

You seem me poppin polo. Peep me on my soundcloud.

Movin up but still I rep the dirty down south.

Everything I got, I had to say it out loud

and then I made it happen. Look where he's at now.

You fell again. Give me your hand. I'm pullin you up.

Some only act like your friends. They foolin you, bruah.

You gotta get yours. Treat it like it's competition.

Yea, I know it's not a sport. That's how I'm completin my mission.

When you got big dreams, you got a vivid vision.

I gotta get it myself. No magic genie wishes.

I wanna have my cake and eat it, so I'm washin dishes.

It's gonna be so fuckin delicious. I know I gotta get it.



K.W. The Artisan (10x)

Time to wake up. Good mornin.

Time to get up. Keep movin.

Cairo Starr (10x)

Time to wake up. Good mornin.

Time to get up. Keep movin.

I had wanted to do a feel-good song for a while before makin this song. One day, I got to the last episode of Samurai Champloo and heard this. I told Astro about it and he looped up the beat. One of my goals in music was to make a song that positively impacts people and so far, this is the closest I've come to reachin it. Deak said he used it as his alarm in the mornin for school. My girlfriend said it helped get her through a semester in college. That's dope. Deak shot the video for us down the street from his house. I edited it myself. The cover depicts me as Mugen and Astro as Jin from Samurai Champloo. Mugen has an unorthodox fightin style and grew up in a rough city. Jin is very technical and ended up killing his master. That fit us perfectly. Phenom was supposed to be on the single but was playin. Luckily, he made the mixtape. We performed this with a live band one time. That was another goal of mine.


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