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If I Die Tonight

K.W. The Artisan

Produced x Easy Mo Bee

The first single from Paradise Phone Home.

This was the first song I recorded after The High Life. I thought it was important to start gettin my solo game up and boy, was I right. I spit this for Phenom and Astro before I recorded it and it was the first time that I'd left people speechless. I knew I had something then but when I was recordin it, I felt a presence in the booth with me. I want to say it was Tupac but that would mean that he's really dead so maybe I was trippin. Deak shot the video from a cell phone and we made it work. We ended up runnin from two separate cars at two separate occasions but it was worth it. Shoutout to Jonathan Jackson for shootin me for this cover.


Verse One

They pussy is paper and poetry's power and pistols.

Plottin on murderin motherfuckers before they get you.

Pitiful punks couldn't picture this perfection.

Got soldiers like Percy. Petrifying all you peasants.

Pass me the pump. I'm poppin players in they places.

Put fire on foes. They tried to get me while I'm faded.

They jaded like Will watchin Tupac on A Different World

focused on nuts. Content with livin as a squirrel.

This world is crazy. Got me debatin should I leave it.

Got me on my Robin Williams: lookin for a genie

but I ain't gon' choke, though.

See, I ain't no hoe. I'd rather stand 10 toes

before I let my knees fall and hit the floor.

Spittin flows that be so vicious.

Enemies waitin on decisions that I'm pickin.

Switchin my position like the bitches in a porno flick.

You'll never catch me slippin.

Focused on my defense like I'm Scottie Pippin.

I'll take you all with me.

Hook (3x)

If I die tonight

Verse Two

Polishing pistols. Prepare for battle. Pass the pump.

When I get to poppin, niggas is droppin, then they done.

Commence to hit the spliff. Take a lift cuz we celebratin.

Got me some Alize for the hay. Let's get inebriated.

Fated for greatness like Kanye's Late Registration.

Workin just to hear my momma say "congratulations."

Bitches is basic. Fuck ballin busters for they Benjies.

Wundaboi's broke. My bank account sittin on empty.

Don't tempt me. I'll do anything to hit a lick

cuz tomorrow's not promised. Motherfuck the consequence.

Prayin for penance. Lord, please lead me to purification.

Put power to my problems. Let 'em be eradicated.

I hope I make it just to see the mornin sunrise

cuz I know I forgot to tell my muffinhead goodnight.

My friends and fam wished that I would have took flight

but if I'm right, I ain't goin down without a fight

if I die tonight

Hook (4x)

Verse Three

Pick up the piccolo, bitch, and play that fuckin Poison

like Gohan when he put down his books and his toys

or maybe like 'Pac when he had Jada makin noises.

I told my girl I'd change her world if she would be my spottie-

ottiedopaliscious angel. Girl, you're made from heaven

and I was made to learn from the devil and his lessons.

Been stressin for blessings since a nigga was an adolescent.

Pussies press buttons like playstations. Get to steppin'

like Martin. Niggas joke until they see that Smith & Wesson.

Call it Danny Glover. Got the throwback on the cover of my lethal weapon.

Ain't no flexin. I washed a ton of this dope chronic.

Niggas vomit when they had too much of that Gin and Tonic.

Supersonic. Jesus, stop it. I got two rings:

One from the 'SU and one from Middle Creek.

I won't go peacefully. I'll never pass in my sleep.

Just know I'll always be Maleek

Hook (4x)

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