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July 14th

K.W. The Artisan

Produced x Cairo Starr

The third single from Paradise Phone Home.

I went to highschool with Dylan Drayton. We lived down the street from each other so he rode on the same bus as me for the only year he rode the bus. He had a motorcycle accident and didn't make it. He was a cool dude. With that being said, this song is about being celebrated while I'm alive. July 14th is my birthday, which is the day I dropped this song. I really like Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar. His flow inspired the first verse. I wanted this cover to show that even though I was no longer a part of a group, I am still a predator and a king. The colors feel like Mardi Gras, which is a huge celebration. I have some roots in New Orleans so it was cool to express that. The cover is also when I debuted my name change.


Verse One

I've been ridin round the Ville, shawty,

out in search of somethin that is real, shawty.

Tryna make a way to pay these bills, shawty.

Get up off my ass and try to make a deal, shawty.

But, right now, it's time to celebrate today, shawty.

Throw all that negativity away, shawty.

Find the closet weedman that we can pay, shawty,

and hope the cops don't come around our way, shawty.

There's an ABC Store right down Ramsey Street, shawty.

Make a stop by there and get some Hennessy, shawty.

Shout out to Avery. He from Tennessee, shawty.

The only nigga that's as real as me, shawty.

My little cousin's name is D.T.D., shawty.

The only one that's down to ride with me, shawty.

I wanna by my ma a new Bentley, shawty,

and get a house just for you and me, shawty.

Hook 2x

Don't send me flowers when I'm dead. Send 'em while I'm alive.

Tryin to survive in the city where too many niggas die.

Sorry, Left Eye, but I am too proud to beg.

Ten steps ahead. Bout to keep my family fed.

Bitch, did you hear what I said?


Go, shawty. It's your birthday.

We gon' party like it's your birthday.

We gon' drink some Henny like it's your birthday

and you know we don't give a fuck if it's your birthday.

Verse Two

Fifty told me "go 'head. Switch the style up

and if they hate, then let them hate and watch the money pile up."

Niggas claim they grown men, but they childish.

Gambino flow. Yes he did know it's time to start the wildin.

I been workin on a way to stay up out this crime shit.

My mission is to stay into wishin like a college

and just like Annie May, these crabs in a bucket ass niggas tryna hold me down.

They commit fouls and then turn around and be the ones throwin in the motherfuckin towl.

Bitch, don't quit. We can shoot for this shit.

Y'all niggas don't know what life really is.

I already got my on business.

I already done checked shit off my bucket list,

So get with this. My flight leaves at 6. I'm landin at 7

somewhere close to heaven. I got me a message

but y'all rather listen to these motherfuckers beggin.

Well, I'm a king.

I don't need attention for anything.

I'm the definition of a real rapping

artist that's phenomenal.

I let my soul glow through my afro.

Bitches want more. I say no.

Just like a pope, I pray for these souls.

Defeating my foes.

Steppin on they throats with all 10 toes.

Y'all already know.

Hook 2x


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