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Look Up

Cairo Starr (Astroknox) x K.W. The Artisan

Produced x Cairo Starr

The first single from The High Life.

This was the first song me and Astro did together and also his first time rappin. People compared us to Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest. That was dope. This song is about escapin your troubles. Even though this is one of my earlier songs, the flow I used is one of my favorites. For the cover, I took the picture on a plane ride to Las Vegas and turned the clouds green. Since this was my first one, I wanted it to be simple and have concepts that I could carry over to more covers.


Verse One

Cairo Starr

I'm startin to feel the pressure. I can't think straight. I'm goin crazy.

Stabilizing my thoughts with green. My mind hazy.

My heart beatin like I got caught cheatin

and I can't eat. Barely even gettin sleep and

lately I've been layin low-key, barely speakin.

Work out every off day. I'm feelin like the weekend.

I need a freakin break.

Don't know how much I can take.

I'm tryna find the hunger like I got a lot on my plate

and I've been tryin to get back in my groove. No luck.

Family come around. I lost some weight. They askin me "what's up?"

So what? I'll get up out this rut with a blunt and a lil bit of Henny in my cup

but fuck it.

Who would even care if I kicked the bucket?

Nobody's listenin. Gotta deal with their own ruckus

but at the end of the day, when I hit the jay,

my flesh stays here but my mind's up, up, and away.


Cairo Starr (8x)

Up, up and away!

K.W. The Artisan (2x)

Get right when I'm feelin high.

What else can a nigga do just to get by?

Got the chocolate blunt rolled up.

Inhale. Exhale. Look up when you puff.

Life seems to go pass in a flash.

Hit this shit. Slow down. You movin too fast.

Bob your head. Hit the blunt real quick.

You can't tell me you ain't feelin this shit.

Verse Two

K.W. The Artisan

Stressed out.

Got a nigga feelin like the rest even when I'm tryna pull my best out.

Call the refs now

cuz a nigga bout to get ejected when they see me pull the techs out.

All this mess. How?

Shit gets thick like cold grits or Anthony Davis' eyebrows.

Niggas pissed now.

Life's up and downs come around full circle. Call that shit WOW.

Aye, it's cool though.

Niggas gotta make moves, bro.

Can't shack in the back of the class thinkin bout the racks

 and the asses when I smack me a new hoe.

Shhh I just need a break.

A nigga needs to go and take some time to think.

Tryna solve these problems got me rackin my brain

but the strain of the dank helps a nigga maintain.

Ayyye gotta get away.


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