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My Mind's Playin Tricks on Me

K.W. The Artisan x Deak the Digger x Phenom

Produced x Scarface

The second single from All Sons Club.

This has always been one of my favorite songs. I grew up hearin this song so I knew it like the back of my hand. Police brutality is a big problem now and it was when the song came out. It really is like our mind is playin tricks on us with how there's another victim of police brutality every few weeks. I wanted to show black men fearless in the face of police with the cover. It shows that they can't treat us like this and expect for us to stay silent about it.


K.W. The Artisan

At night, I can't sleep. I toss and turn.

They playin with my money and emotions like I'm Big Worm.

Everybody wantin somethin else for free

like police not shootin niggas down for sellin CD's.

Don't try to play me. The only thing you get for free is music.

My shit is quality, not cheap so you won't abuse it.

Don't be stupid. The only way to rule's the black dollar.

Lookin at my bank account makes me wanna holler.

The way they do my life just like Marvin Gaye.

Shoot a nigga in his chest like his daddy's way.

Like father, like son. Bust a move or bust a gun.

In this race, I'm Usain Bolt when I get to run.

I might be fast but not enough to escape fate.

I know my time is gonna get here one day

is what I say but, gotdamn, this struggle never ends.

Who knows? Maybe the next hashtag will be a friend.

It could be me. No one knows God's plan

but if I go, I know this tape will be top 10.

I'm tryna be like 'Pac, Hov, and Cole.

I know I got the mind, heart, and soul

of the best in the game. I know I'ma reach my goals

I mean, listen to this song, B.

My mind's playin tricks on me.

Deak The Digger

Everyday another nigga gettin shot

cuz he tryna make a livin off the block.

Gettin robbed, gettin wet up on the spot.

Comin through the front door without a knock.

I'm a real G, baby.

So, i got enemies, baby.

So nigga wanna fight me. Bitches wanna try me.

I don't give a fuck. I pull up in my white tee.

Oh you high, see? Well I might be.

I get high all the time. This ain't new to me.

But if it look weak and smell weak,

Keep it in your pocket. This is my little treat.

I got some shit that make you dumb in the head.

Make you think that you're sleepin in your bed.

Police roll up so of course they want us dead.

Down, down, down to the ground, homie.

I can't believe that this is how I died, homie.

Lookin up seein nothing but blue.

9 MM cracker shakin in his shoes.

"I saw him reachin for a gun. What was I supposed to do?"


I can't seem to get sleep. I still toss and turn.

Spendin light nights contemplating the loses and the earned.

And as I scroll through these thoughts, I'ma pan em out.

No more hesitation. I gotta get it out.

I used to be the type to never dwell on life's ills

but lately, I been feelin like I'm climbin strife's hills.

Man, I swear the devil's out to get me. Bring my will.

Threats on my life can't push me to kill.

My mental's been in places darker than you could imagine.

These thoughts insurmountable. Couldn't fathom me lastin.

My words and my actions suddenly are contrastin.

No longer think I can rap. I'm writin in passin

but this here music is one of my passions

so I sit and write and smoke out my rations.

Could it be that I'm no longer believin in me?

Society screams I'm worthless. Sometimes, I agree.

Aye, man. I'm just lookin for a higher me.

Gotta build it on my own if they won't hire me.

Had a blind eye. Couldn't break the real from phony

but God opened my mind. I've gotten sense to know me.

Gotdamn, homie.

I guess my mind was playin tricks on me.

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