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Old School Player

Deak the Digger x K.W. The Artisan x Cairo Starr (Astroknox)

Produced x Cairo Starr

The fourth single from The High Life.

This is part of a 15-minute track which is part of a 40-minute freestyle session, some of which is on The High Life. We had got real lit before goin to see The Conjuring and decided to hop on the mic. It honestly speaks for itself. It might not be our best works lyrically but it was real and funny. There's not a lot of that in rap any more. We could have called this Old School Dude or Old School Guy but Old School Player captures the feel of the song with the jazz sample. I took some selfies of us from Facebook and made the cover.


Verse One

Deak the Digger

Ok. Hold up. Slow down and go.

Smooth jazz. That's the way it goes.

They got skit-skats and doodley-bops.

Don't ask me. Just ask my pops

cuz he's an old school guy. Yea, he's really old


K.W. The Artisan

Picasso, baby.

Casso, baby.

Ca-ca-Casso, baby.

Deak the Digger

That is ir-really-relevant.

Come over here and you can't even smellin it.

Oh, I-I just cooked food

cuz I'm an old school dude.

Old school dude.

K.W. The Artisan

Y'all new niggas don't cook. Y'all go to fast food.

That's why all y'all fat like stooges.

3 of y'all niggas

and I get bo-bap. You could figure.

Bitch, I'm from the 910

and you know cuz you can just check my flows.

If you don't believe just ask my bros.

They'll tell you I'm from the 910.

We kill this shit.

910, we in this bitch.

Ask J. Cole. He know where we from.

If you don't believe me, bitch, I'll show the gun.

Click-clack. Bow bow bow.

Hit you in your knees, then you say ahhhh

cuz you dead, nigga. Revive you.

Bring you back like Wolverine. Pyru.

Fire on you niggas. That's what I'm spittin.

Hotter than a figure.

How could you figure

that a nigga like me could spit realer

and can't no nigga spit realer than me.

I'm the illest shit in this fuckin industry.

That's right, bitch. I ain't signed to nothin

and I still end it. David Budden.


Deak the Digger

I'm an old school guy (4x)

K.W. The Artisan

Old school guy (5x)

Verse Two

Cairo Starr

I slip in

with my fancy shoes tonight. I'm goin in.

That's right cuz I'm an old school guy.

I'm so fly, I'm in the sky.

I'm on cloud 9

cuz I smoke the finest

ganja in the world and Einstein the finest.

I'll shoot you up if you get untied. That's right.

Get out my way, bitch.

I'm your royal highness

and I can read your mind just like I'm a psychic.

Like Pokemon, I'm your weakness.

Rock, paper, scissors.

I'll be rock. You be a gravedigger.

I'ma kill you in your spot.

Better hope you're not

in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I already know cuz I can read your mind

and I'm already there.

That's right. I'm like an old school player.

It's not safe at night. Better go and hide

but I'ma find you and I'ma get you.

I'm from the 910 and we gon' split you

in half.

That's right, we gon' kick yo ass


Cairo Starr

I'm an old school player (5x)

K.W. The Artisan x Deak The Digger

Old school player (4x)


K.W. The Artisan

So old school. Born in the 90's.

Got you all through up in your pinies.

Tiffany Pines

is where I stay down the street from like a line.

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