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You Know How We Do It

Deak the Digger x Phenom x

K.W. The Artisan x Cairo Starr (Astroknox)

Produced x QDIII

The fifth single from The High Life.

I might sound bias because I'm on this song, but I think this song is perfect. The variations of the beat take you on a trip. We each tell part of a story that would only be interrupted if we used a hook. The beat rides for just the right amount of time at the end of the song. One day, I was feelin real West Coast-like so I went lookin for the perfect beat. I finally played this instrumental for Deak after about an hour of searchin and he said "that's the one." We all recorded at my grandma's house except for Astro. For the cover, I wanted us all to be dressed in some dope suits. I found these on Facebook but Astro doesn't dress that nice so I did what I could. The background is a picture I took from Las Vegas.


Deak the Digger

Rollin down the street with a drink in my hand

tryna figure out what's gonna be my next plan.

Growin up with niggas tryna stop me.

Well, damn. That's really unthoughtfully.

Pick your words. Yea, choose them real carefully

cuz when I'm done, I'ma take your trophy

and your girl. Have her hop up in this whip, yo.

When we ride out, you ain't even know.

People might think this brother's insane.

Nah, just filled with methane.

Sit down, take a dump. Gotta clear it out.

We the boys all the people talk about.

Now hold on. Let me take you for a ride.

Lay back, buckle up, and see what's on the outside.

Yea, ain't nothin really to it.

Well, you know how we do it.


Get a call from Wundaboi. He always up to no good.

Grab a couple 40's so we can roll through the hood.

He come scoop me up in the 2-door Accord

and we put together money for that weed we can't afford

so we roll up, take flight, begin to kiss the clouds.

Combined with the O.E. so we messed up now.

It's the end of the week so of course we ain't stressin.

Work week is over and class ain't in session.

Bills payed for the month. Ain't worried 'bout a thing.

We hit the mall up for some honeys we can bang

so we come close, but still no cigar

because not one girl in here is up to par.

So we go through our phones and start makin these calls

cuz we decide to throw a house party after all.

Cops come knockin but we party on through it

cuz it's Saturday night, y'all. You know how we do it.

K.W. The Artisan

It's another day chillin with my family

thinkin bout my money stack and tryna get a pound of hay.

Not what horses eat.

Somethin slight for the lil freaks.

I walked over and said hi. My name's Maleek.

This my crew runnin through this fuckin industry.

Oh, and don't mind our smell. That comes from the Cali trees.

Girl, you know how life be.

We use it for the stress relief.

No dreadin goin over here so don't judge us, please.

And if you wanna fly freely, we got extra seats.

Sit on these eagle wings. I bet you'll believe me.

Oh now you see? Feels good don't it.

Don't stop. Keep the blunt rollin.

It's all for you. It's really all for you

so you and a few friends, y'all should come through.

You know you want to. Girl, who is you foolin?

Shit, you know how we do it.

Cairo Starr

It's just one of those days. Check list to the side.

Wunda pull up in the ride.

Deak, slide through.

Phenom too.

Bout to be up on some other.

Only got a couple spare dollars in my pocket. I might as well combine 'em with my brothers.

Always wondered how we can ride so loud and still be undercover.

Just chillin. Livin the life of a young man.

It's the weekend and a nigga got plans.

Tonight, I'm tryna kick it with shorty that's from the motherland.

I got a spliff and a 5th in the other hand.

Have days like this on the regular.

Turn them into raps after I write them in the cellular.

Me and my niggas do it just like that.

We just do it and turn it into a dope ass track.

We make it look easy. Really ain't much to it.

You know how we do it.

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