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K.W. The Artisan

Produced x Michita

The sixth single from Paradise Phone Home.

I think this is my favorite song from Paradise Phone Home. This song is about the search for Paradise and thoughts of what it could be. It's a place that isn't meant for everybody. On the mixtape, the wolves are looking for Paradise in the skits. I liked this beat so I felt like I could flow about anything over it. I wrote the first verse to another song but it worked better over this beat. Shoutout to 4E Photos for shooting me for this cover. We had a shoot at NC State and this was one of the pictures. They did a great job.


Verse One

Ridin down my path with the fuckin pump.

Fuck is up?

Pullin up like this ain't what the fuck you want.

Pick em up.

Tellin all these hoes that we got the stuff.

In the cut.

Choppin down the trees. Roll another blunt.

High above.

Get 'em on cloud 9 then we stick 'em up.

Got your butt.

Sippin passed the cup to my little cuz.

Bitch, say what?

Keep up with the talkin. We throw fisticuffs.

You know what's up.

Man, you know what? let me switch it up.

I know you niggas that hear this is gettin nervous.

Your brain is racin and thinkin is it really worth it?

Y'all workin just to see my curtain close on purpose

but this show is never over.

You niggas sleep on me, I'll put your ass in a coma.

In the corolla smokin douja. I'm a high roller.

Hopping out, the whole street smell like marijuana.

Tokin so many jays. You'd think my nickname was Hova.

Rock the nation like I just created Coca-Cola

Hook (2x)

On this path to paradise is like a pair of dice.

Got me rolling hoping I don't hit the same thing twice.

In this life, you get one chance to live it

so best believe when I make it, I'ma rip shit.

Verse Two

I'm gone whether you believe it or not.

Despite the weather, we still gon' be here a lot.

You gotta have a reservation just to get to this spot.

It's saved for real ones like Bob Marley and 'Pac

but, here's a thought.

You couldn't pay the cost

to be the boss. Take a loss.

You still stressin bout your grades.

I done already graduated. Call me Kanye.

Never stayed in school. I'm on a permanent vacay.

I'm more mature than you niggas. We are not the same age.

The difference is that you're older but my flow is colder.

I'm the chip on you niggas' shoulder.

You throwin pebbles at a boulder.

You should stop. Your career is fuckin over.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

I think he closed his eyes when he was makin your order.

Take a toke of marijuana.

Smokin shit from California.

Now we steamin like a sauna.

You want the best? I got it for ya.

Hook (2x)

Verse Three

I'm out here searchin for this paradise

but, first thing's first. You know I had to air this mic.

Hoping I can see it with my own pair of eyes.

When I was real with me was when I realized

that the homies I had with me were just a pair of lies

tryin to keep a nigga down like some parasites

but, you niggas didn't know that I was hella nice.

Feelin fresh. Feelin clean like I'm sterilized.

Y'all like my fries. Y'all stay salty as shit

and on this voyage,

there's only room for me and my bitch

and we ain't comin back for shit.

It's a one-way trip.

Stayin high up in the sky on this cannabis.

Taking two L's back to back like Meek Mill did.

My cousin stays with the cool J's on his feet.

I know paradise is out there waitin for some real G's like me.

It's a good thing that I left the city.

Hook (4x)

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