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K.W. The Artisan

Produced x Maker

The fourth single from Paradise Phone Home.

This is not a diss song. I feel like I have to say that because some people told me it was. Everything on this track is something that happened. It reminded me of the scene in Pulp Fiction where Ving Rhames had that talk with Bruce Willis in the bar with Marvin Gaye playin in the background. This was the first song I got to record in an actual studio and not on the cheap microphone I had before. I had to make sure I ripped it in front of everybody. I was really feelin the green animals with the crown at the time. Skits from Paradise Phone Home ended up being conversations between wolves so it worked out.


Verse One

The pride of a man.

Here I stand. Let me begin

with this pen and paper.

I'm sendin niggas up to meet they maker

and I ain't talkin bout the beat producer.

I'm talkin bout the Almighty Ruler.

The King of Kings.

The Holy Ghost, Allah, karma. Man, it's all the same.

Maleek of Leeks as a synonym. What's in a name?

A rose is still a rose no matter what you call it.

My friends and enemies the same and, yea, we started

from the same place with the same goals in mind.

But I guess we're made of different gears with different grinds.

See, I'm made to go hustle. I gotta get mine

and you would rather live off of someone else's shine.

As my nigga, helped you out when you was in a bind.

Thought you had my back until you Sub-Zero'd my spine.

Where's Waldo with the loyalty? It's had to find.

That's what happens when these niggas' heads are filled with pride.


Supposed to be A1.

Never thought that this day would come.

I ain't fuckin with you.

Switchin up like a bitch.

You know a nigga don't play that shit.

I ain't gon' do this with you.

Show up at a nigga's door.

Come through with the killer flow.

I hate to do this to you.

Nigga, you won't even speak.

A nigga been knew that you was weak.

I saw the bigger picture.

Run. Fight. Let's get it. Fuck 'em. Don't stop.

That's just pride fuckin with you, nigga.

That's it. I'm done. I quit. Man, fuck this shit.

That's just pride fuckin with you, nigga.

Verse Two

Hmmm let's see.

What's the difference between you and me?

We can start with the fact I got a degree

or I been Ginuwine, man. The same old G.

You niggas petty. Flee the scene when you seen me on IG.

You was lurkin when you seen I went to A3C.

Seen me stuntin with Pete Rock and Jarobi.

Ran into Alchemist walkin down the street.

Oh, you mad? I thought I told you how high I be.

There's a method to this, man. I need the money.

I can't stay in the city livin bummy.

My bitch has always been realer than my homies.

She might fuck around and murder all you phonies.


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