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The Beast

K.W. The Artisan x Phenom

Produced x 9th Wonder

The third single from The High Life.

Before this, Phenom and I hadn't recorded together in years and what better way to come back than a 9th Wonder beat? We recorded this in Phenom's first apartment. His roommate heard us and said that he wanted to come through to just watch because it sounded dope. So my mom is a part of this non-profit organization that throws a yearly old school party. That's where we took the picture for the cover. Niggas don't wear perms and fake afros on the regular...



There's a rumor goin 'round. They say I'm a beast

but the beauty in this beast will soon be released.

K.W. The Artisan

Niggas see me as a beast when I'm really a man.

I'm just makin some haters, creatin some fans.

That's the plan. At least, that's the road I wanna take.

I'm grindin hard like I'm destined to be one of the greats

so I'll settle for good cuz I don't like to boast

but I crush rap niggas. I'm the boot and you're the roach.

That was gross and so, let's have a toast

to the one up late workin hard doin the most.

That's me but please. It flows so easily

like your girl when I see her. She come through squeezing me.

My name's Maleek. I been a freak since I was three feet

and then I grew up to be rather smart indeed.

Niggas call me Dexter in this laboratory

and then they call me Shaggy when I ask for more trees.

Johnny Bravo when I rap to all the ladies

and they can't say no. These girls can never play me.

I came from the city full of rowdy rough boys.

All we had was pellet guns and knives for toys.

If you ain't know by now, I come from Fayettevile N.C.

Lookin back at this verse, I guess I am a beast.

Yeah, I guess I am a beast.



Sounds so beautiful. Don't you agree?

I'm a skinny nigga but obese with the beats.

We the kind of niggas that put asses in the seats.

Haters gettin mad cuz they girl's between my sheets.

Even white boys agree. They say "that nigger's really neat."

Whether it's summer or it's winter, go ahead and move your feet.

None of the rest of y'all compete since your style is incomplete.

My hands are up in the air. I ain't goin for defeat.

R.I.P. the competition since the microphone's deceased.

Until we reach the very top, we will never be at peace.

Soul brother #1. It will never seem to cease.

Yea, I hear the sneak dissin. I ain't worried in the lease.

We don't ever take a loss. Always on that winnin streak.

Like the Spurs, grab the broom cuz we goin for that sweep.

Victory tastes sweet and we comin for that feast

cuz we are

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