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K.W. The Artisan feat. Cairo Starr x Phenom

Produced x Cairo Starr

The second single from Paradise Phone Home.

The full title is What the Fuck is Wrong with These Niggas? I feel like some people might have missed that. This was supposed to be the first single for our second group project, but we had a few disagreements with each other. This was straight bars; 90's tag-team flow all the way through. We actually tried to out-rap each other, which is good for the culture. It came out great. I wanted the cover to look like an old school comic book and I tried to pick colors that matched out flows.


Cairo Starr

You wanna act like a child? Well, here's rattle.

You niggas grow up. You ain't ready for the battle.

Real niggas by my side down to ride. I never had to question.

Dealin with these fuck niggas got me learnin lessons like

K.W. The Artisan

You gotta be a man and stand up on your own two.

Don't let these lames and these snakes break or make a worse you.

God protects fools and babies and lately,

My nigga, I been goin crazy

knowin I'm too old to make these mistakes, B.

Boys to men on my Wayna shit.

I spit fire through the wire on my Kanye shit.


And I'ma do this my way, shit.

Never meant to follow trends or cross over on some Hardaway shit.

See, people these days are fickle.

They only love you when you're on top, never in the middle.

Life's a riddle

And I'm slowly puttin pieces together.

I seen the bigger picture now, but there's a storm to weather

Cairo Starr

But, yo, I brought my umbrella

like I'm 3 steps ahead of.

Premonition on these fake niggas like 'Pac at Cochella.

That's why I be apparition.

Niggas don't want it on some real shit.

Niggas don't want to see you like you Foreman on some grill shit.

They hate me but they smilin cuz they feel this

young fresh prince on some Will Smith.

Ignore niggas: light skin shit.

I guess I should get used to the fake shit.

I'll probably feel the same in the presence of greatness

K.W. The Artisan

Your best shit is basic. We're next kid. Just face it.

You can tell I'm faded just by my pronunciation.

Ounces blazin. Burnin so many trees: deforestation.

Tour the nation once we bakin. Now we got the crowd shakin.

Amazin the dreams from the Fayetteville schemes.

Left some niggas on the bench but now we got a real team

Cuz, see, niggas make believe who they wanna be

but never been in the streets past 9:30, G.



Chill as I perform surgery.

What you are hearin currently

in my voice, the sound of urgency.

For certainly, never let the haters attract and worry me.

So, I'm worry-free on my never-ending journey to collect currency.

These verses be courtesy of the Higher-Ups University.

Even when I fade, I'm still good like a Curry 3.

So, I'm recognized universally

as one of the best to hurt the beat.

I turn this key and declare a state of emergency.

I murked this beat.

Hook (2x)

Hoes and bitch niggas got they nose in my biz.

Run they gotdamn mouth 'round they gotdamn friends.

Word 'round the park is I got loose ends

so link back up with the rest of the kids.

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