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How Black is Black Enough?

How black is black enough to speak out on racial issues? Who decides what percentage is the right percentage? Who is calculating the percentage? I only ask because as of late, people of lighter skin tones have been speaking out on racial injustice and then being criticized by, dare I say, blacker people, that they should not have anything to say because they have not had the same plight. That leads me to another question, How do you know? How do you know what they have and haven’t been through? The last time I checked any black blood made you black. Any type of melanin, made you black. A certain kink in your hair, made you black. We, as black people are the only ones that have an issue as to what is black enough. Was Huey Newton not black enough? Was Malcolm X not black enough?

Many black people do not want to own and love their blackness. They want to bash people that they feel are not black enough, but at the same time exalt those that appear exotic and non-black. I have been told that I must have a lot of Indian in my family or some white because of how my features seem different from most black people. So, I did a test. A DNA test that is. Come to find out, I am 66% West African and another 6% from other African areas. I am only about 2% Indian. Am I black enough? Is African black enough? When do we stand together in all of our shades of blackness to support each other, to help each other, to love each other?

I know I have more questions than answers at this point, but sometimes the best plans begin with a question.

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